What is VDP

Focus Variable Data Publishing (VDP) is a data-driven and one-to-one marketing service, which automates the creation of customized materials to your customers.

We help produce personalized messages to your customers and enables effective cross-media campaigns through:


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Personalized Video(pVideo) is a kind of Variable Data Publishing (VDP) products. Focus Imaging has years of experience in VDP area, hoping to bring this state-of-the-art technology from Hong Kong to every conrner of Asia.

Pvideo.com.hk is our latest concept website. It is the first online platform in Asia for promoting pVideo. It is absolutely free of charge.

Let's make a pVideo that is JUST FOR YOU!

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Celebrate Success of the Year – Gold Winner of the HKICT Awards 2009

To start the year of Tiger, let us share a good news that our efforts over the past year have been well recognized. Our featured project of last year, Ocean Park Halloween Bash 2009 - 'Campus in Grave', won a Gold Award in the “Hong Kong ICT Awards 2009: Best Ubiquitous Networking Award” under the stream of Digital Media Marketing Campaign among more than 60 participants.

Dynamic Publishing Package  
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VDP DM is designed with flexible graphics and variable data based on each recipient's demographics, needs and interests.

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VDP eDM is added with personalization to improve open-& click-through rates of eDMs, driving instantaneous and trackable responses.

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VDP pURL makes your marketing campaigns more interactive. The tailored webpage may contain offers or survey to track responses.

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VDP pVideo enables a greater viral potential for your marketing efforts. It helps acquire data, drive leads, and create corporate image.

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Imagination Starts from Here...

Focus Imaging Limited is a pioneer in the industry and a leading Digital Marketing expert in Asia.

Started off as Focus Imaging & Digital Printing Limited with the first installation of Agfa Chromapress Digital Press in Hong Kong in 1995, the company has grown and evolved through incessant technical investments and advancements. With more than 13 years of substantial know-how experience, ...

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Personalized Viral Video Hits Over 470K Views


'Halloween' One-to-One Viral Video Signifies Rise of Digital Marketing

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